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Tiny Giants: 101 Stories Under 101 Words

Published Date: December 15, 2013

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After the birth of his first child, dramatist, fiction writer, and former member of Blue Man Group Jason Sinclair Long set out to write one piece of microfiction every day for a year. TINY GIANTS collects the very best of those pieces. A genre-jumping, maniacal look at love, loneliness, joy, despair, terror, and laugh-out-loud humor, Long’s work is a study in brevity and a firm claim that a perfect story can ultimately be told with only a handful of words.



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4 thoughts on “Tiny Giants: 101 Stories Under 101 Words

  1. xiankiefer says:

    Long has invented a new genre: standup tragedy. This book is made to be read aloud at one in the morning in front of a spotlit brick wall.

    -J. Robert Lennon, author of Familiar

  2. xiankiefer says:

    Haiku-like in length, tsunami-like in force, Jason Sinclair Long’s tiny stories perfectly distill the unpredictable madness, beauty and heartbreak that comprise our lives. I love this book.

    -Davy Rothbart, author of My Heart Is an Idiot

  3. xiankiefer says:

    These are the ripe, rich hearts of stories, by turns sobering and affirming, by turns witty and grave. Long gives us the imperative particulars of a too-wild, too-inevitable world.

    -John Brandon, author of A Million Heavens

  4. xiankiefer says:

    Long accomplishes something phenomenal in a microbial space, like painting landscapes on grains of rice.

    -Paul Hornschemeier, author of Mother Come Home

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