Ad Lumen Press was founded at American River College in Sacramento, California in 2013 by author and professor Christian Kiefer. Building on the thirty-year publishing history of American River Review, the college’s nationally recognized literary and art magazine, Ad Lumen Press is the nation’s only university-style literary-press housed at a community college.

Ad Lumen Press has published talented authors such as Lois Ann Abraham, Traci Gourdine, Jason Sinclair Long, Daniel Rounds, Michael Spurgeon, and Ziaeddin Torabi.

Editorial Guidelines

Ad Lumen Press seeks to publish works of high artistic and/or literary merit from emerging voices across genres and from throughout the country, with a special emphasis on works from the greater Sacramento region.

While the press publishes poetry, novellas, short story collections, and literary nonfiction, only novels and book-length memoirs currently are accepted in our unsolicited submission process.

Precisely because the press is housed at a community college, an educational component is an important part of the Ad Lumen Press identity. All unsolicited novel and memoir submissions are initially screened by students in the Literary Publishing class, the capstone class for American River College’s Literary Publishing Certificate. Under faculty direction, students in this class read, analyze, and discuss each submission and ultimately forward finalists to the faculty-based editorial board. The board then considers one or more of the finalists for publication and advises the editor best-suited to collaborate with the author in the editorial process.

In addition to considering unsolicited manuscripts, the editorial board actively seeks and solicits works deemed to be of high literary merit. Solicited works selected for publication are not reviewed by the Literary Publishing class but do undergo a rigorous editorial process with the board and designated editor. Please note, we do not accept story proposals or genre fiction.


We are pleased to be supported by the ARC Foundation, the ARC English Department, and by SummerWords: The ARC Creative Writing Colloquium.

American River College
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