Welcome to Ad Lumen Press

Housed at American River College, Ad Lumen is a small press devoted to publishing works of high artistic and/or literary value that reflect the diverse nature of our college’s faculty, staff, students, district, community, and region. We are pleased to be supported by the ARC Foundation, the American River College English Department, and by SummerWords: The American River College Creative Writing Colloquium.

  • Tiny Giants: 101 Stories Under 101 Words

    Tiny Giants: 101 Stories Under 101 Words

    After the birth of his first child, dramatist, fiction writer, and former member of Blue Man Group Jason Sinclair Long set out to write one piece of microfiction every day for a year. TINY GIANTS collects the very best of those pieces. Read More

    By Jason Sinclair Long $14.95
  • some distant lateral present

    some distant lateral present

    Contemporary history, mathematics, and human agency. Possibility, potentiality, and human subjectivity. Read More

    By Daniel Rounds $14.95
  • Ringing In the Wild

    Ringing In the Wild

    Traci Gourdine’s poetry and stories have been published in numerous literary magazines, and she has been anthologized within Shepard and Thomas’ Sudden Fiction Continued. Read More

    By Traci Gourdine $14.95
  • Let the Water Hold Me Down

    Let the Water Hold Me Down

    In the tradition of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American and Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms, Let the Water Hold Me Down weaves real historical events into a riveting personal narrative about a man who finds himself caught up in a political landscape beyond his control. Read More

    By Michael Spurgeon $16.95
  • Face to Face with Dreams

    Face to Face with Dreams

    Ziaeddin Torabi was born in Zanjan, Iran. After he completed elementary and high school, he continued his education in English Language and literature and graduated with a BA in 1970 from the Faculty of Letters of Isfahan University. Read More

    By Ziaeddin Torabi $16.95
  • Circus Girl & Other Stories

    Circus Girl & Other Stories

    A little girl discovers the power of the creative impulse.   A woman remembers her first confusing sexual encounter.   A reunited couple goes to a party.   An aging flower child travels to Mexico to save her daughter.   A baby is born with blue feet. Read More

    By Lois Ann Abraham $15.95
  • Burning the Little Candle

    Burning the Little Candle

    An Anthology of Writing from the Faculty & Staff of American River College’s Creative Writing Program Read More

    By Lois Ann Abraham, John Bell, Michael Spurgeon, Aaron Bradford, Traci Gourdine, Rod Siegfried, Christian Kiefer, Jason Sinclair Long, David Merson, Shane Lipscomb, Harold Schneider, Emily Hughes, and Michael Angelone. Featuring an introduction by Anthony Swofford, author of Jarhead. $16.50