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Housed at American River College, Ad Lumen is a small press devoted to publishing works of high artistic and/or literary value that reflect the diverse nature of our college’s faculty, staff, students, district, community, and region. We are pleased to be supported by the ARC Foundation, the American River College English Department, and by SummerWords: The American River College Creative Writing Colloquium.

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Traci Gourdine
Traci Gourdine's poetry and stories have been published in numerous literary magazines, and she has been anthologized within Shepard and Thomas' Sudden Fiction Continued. Traci and Quincy Troupe were paired in a year-long exchange of letters for the anthology LETTERS TO POETS: CONVERSATIONS ABOUT POETICS, POLITICS, AND COMMUNITY (Saturnalia Books, 2008). She is co-editor of Night is Gone, Day is Still Coming, an anthology of writing by young Native writers, as well as We Beg to Differ, poems by Sacramento poets against the Iraq war. She has also co-edited the Tule Review with Luke Breit for the Sacramento Poetry Center. Traci Gourdine is a professor of English at American River College and chairs the Creative Writing department for the California State Summer School for the Arts. She was Chair of the Sacramento Poet Laureate Committee for four laureate terms. For ten years she facilitated writing workshops within several California state prisons in the Arts in Corrections program for the William James Association. RINGING IN THE WILD (2015) is Traci's debut full-length poetry collection, published by Ad Lumen Press.

Ringing In the Wild


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